JRL FF2020 Limited Gold Clipper & Trimmer Set


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Collection includes:

Gold JRL 2020C-G Clipper: Experience precision cutting with the renowned JRL 2020C-G Clipper in a luxurious gold finish.

Gold JRL 2020T-G Trimmer: Achieve detailed grooming perfection with the Gold JRL 2020T-G Trimmer, designed for accuracy and style.

Charging Dock: Conveniently recharge both your clipper and trimmer for consistent performance.

Black Clipper Casing: Safely store and transport your clipper in style with the included sleek black casing.

Trimmer Casing: Keep your trimmer secure and protected with the dedicated trimmer casing.

Essential Accessories: The collection comes complete with a screwdriver, brush, lubricant oil, and blade protector for optimal maintenance.

Comb Guards: Achieve precise grooming lengths with the included set of comb guards.